Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year's in Hawaii

I have one word for you!


Francisco Daum said...

Great music! I could pick out the War of 1812 but alot of it I don't know. In my blog I have something Hawaiian if you're interested.

Berk said...

lol, i thought u burn your house cooking.. fireworks, lots of them here in the mainland.. Have a great year, Bec!

Nathan Miller said...

There are fire festivals here in Kyushu, a handful this weekend actually...not sure if I will be to get any on tape but will try!

Juvs said...

dude! whoa, my house! hahaha. FIRE!! Yah!!!!

it was fun. trust me, it used to be a LOT louder and messier before cayetano started putting down regulations. ;P

well, until next year, yeah? boom boom!

Evan said...

About enough to make me go into spasms. Good post!

Michael Tyas said...

That is so not legal in Canada.

But truth be told, your new years celebrations look way more fun than mine. Imagine this. No alcohol. Catch Phrase. Hurt feelings.

Yeah, not a pretty picture.