Thursday, January 19, 2006

More food!

The day after I went to Mitsuken, I went with a few friends to Big City Diner in Waipio. Big City Diner serves your regular burgers and fries, but also features local foods such as kim chee fried rice and soybeans.

This is just a short video. I've been so busy with all my work, it's crazy! For those of you whose vlogs I usually comment on, I'll get to it ASAP! I'm sorry for not commenting recently :-(


Francisco Daum said...

Kore-wa daikoobutsu-desu. Okeme-ga suki-desu. Oshiete-itadaite arigatoo-gozaimashita!
(phrase books are really handy)

Berk said...

wow, food! yummy.

Nathan Miller said...

Hey...that all looks plenty good!
I see Francisco knows some Japanese!!

I want to go to Hawaii! Some of my friends live there, folks I have met since I have lived in Japan...

Juvs said...

i wanted to nick that plate. you know instead of taking the food in the box. we gotta go back. =) p'raps after you get done with ze thesis/doctoral statement/taking over the world. ;)

oh, U2. dude. what do you think? i have an oasis friend from canada who might be coming. sweeeeet.