Saturday, December 10, 2005

Winner of Becca's Postcard Challenge!

Congratulations to the winner's of Becca's Postcard Challenge! For those of you watching, you also receive a prize for counting how many time I say "awesome" in this vlog.


missbhavens said...

Becca, that was too funny! And you know what? Your Japanese sounds pretty darn good! I'm glad you enjoyed the card.

Happy Vlog Games!

Anonymous said...

Hello Becca,

Today was my first time at your site but definately not the last. I have never been to Hawaii but would love to see a vlog on the cost of living in Hawaii? How much is gas? How much are apartments? How much for groceries? Thanks for your entertain vlog, I will be back!


Nathan Miller said...

That was great!! And you have nothing to worry about your Japanese was great!! I have been to Hawaii once and was amazed to see all the Japanese tourists...(I went about 4 years ago) I would have written more but was in a rush at the post office...and that marker tip was huge! Anyhow...thanks for the shoot out!

Cuoredifango said...

I don't speak japanese but you japanese seems great, you speak it like it was you first language

Anonymous said...

So do they win milk and cookies?

Wait a minute! I like milk and cookies (just not past 8 pm)

W00T posing at the end heheheh


Matthew J said...

Zero. You say "awesome" zero times.

Berk said...

haha, I'll think of something to send. ;-)

Berk said...

I have one suggestion switch to! It's not buggy and you don't lose videos like in ourmedia. The interface is better and you see how long it takes to upload. Just try it! I've been using ourmedia for a while now, but blip tv is much much better! Trust me on this one. ;-)

Michael Tyas said...

You said awesome 2 times.

What do I win?!