Friday, November 18, 2005

Remix of Josh Leo's Mango Vlog

I decided that since November is remix month, I'd better get a vlog in here that's a remix of something! So, I decided to remix Josh Leo's Mango Vlog post. Enjoy!!!

By the way, you need Quicktime 7 to view this video. You can download it for FREE at


Josh Leo said...

Remix is the highest form of flattery...and I loved it. Love the music too! haha, thanks.

Nathan Miller said...

That was fun!
If you dont mind I will link you to my site!

missbhavens said...

That WAS fun! The music was an excellent was the mango slo-mo eating at the!

Berk said...

hey becca, how do you encode your video's because I can watch your feeds on my ipod?

Berk said...

nevermind, i got it to work..

Berk said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's kinda weird because you are on iTunes when I type vlog on podcast. Then, I checked out your blog written at the end of the video. I submitted my vlog too..talking about self promotion. hehehe!

Oh, I link your site to my blog and subscribe on iTunes. It's so much cooler watching it on the iPod. I have a suggestion on your feed, you should put your category on "Family" not "Audioblog" on SmartCast.